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Our range of products is comprehensive and due to our industry knowledge and experience we are confident we can assist you in making the right choice of play surface for your particular school.

As a result we have summarised the predominant products and service which we believe may be of consideration.

Summary of Product Types:

Critical Fall Height- in plain English!

It is good practice for all competent suppliers to have their play surfacing product tested in accordance with BS1177 EN:2008.

The Critical Fall Height (CFH) of a playground surface is based on the height of the highest piece of equipment which a child can stand upon; in turn, this will then determine the thickness of the safety surfacing.

Determined depth + 100mm

For Loose-fill Impact Absorbing Surfaces (LIAS), a 100mm thickness of play surfacing shall be added to the test result to allow for compaction and displacement.

Therefore if for example the tested Critical Fall Height is 2.2 metres at a depth of 100mm, the depth applied to the play area needs to be 200mm.

This does not apply to bonded surfaces as this type of surface will not move.

Advantages and disadvantages of our product types





Particle Size

Critical Fall Height



Chunky Pine Play Bark

Traditional play bark, applied loose. Suitable for most applications.


100mm: 1.6m

300mm: >5m

* Cost effective.

* Natural product.

* Easy to apply.

* Will need to be topped up after a few years.

* May attract creepy crawlies.

* May become messy in winter. 

Play Area Softwood Chip

A play area chip derived from Soft wood.


100mm: 1.4m

30mm: 3.0m

* Very cost effective.

* Natural product.

* Easy to apply

* Smaller particle may suit younger children. 

* Will need to be topped up after a few years.

* May attract creepy crawlies.

* May become messy in winter.


Rubber Chippings

Coloured chippings suitable for most areas.


50mm: 1.1m

100mm: 2.7m

* Very long lasting.

* Bright colours.

* Easy to apply.

* Can be used all year around.

* Requires less depth to be compliant, therefore cost effective.

* Initially may be more expensive than traditional play barks.

* Not derived from natural resources.

Bonded Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch, bonded together to make a semi-permanent surface.

5-30mm (Bonded together)

40mm: 1.7m

50mm: 1.9m

75mm: 2.7m

* No loose chippings to be kicked about.

* Retains depth so always safe.

* Very long lasting.

* Slip resistant.

* Tactile.

* Minimal Maintenance required.

* No top ups needed.

* Initially more expensive.

* Not derived from natural resources.


Please remember, apart from the Rubber Bonded Surface, all loose play surfacing will require an additional 100mm on top of the relevant depth to be compliant.

How to purchase

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