Fun Play Equipment

Fun Trails to develop co-ordination, balance and agility.

Available in single items or combine to create an exciting circuit. Our Fun Trails help develop co-ordination, balance and agility.  Due to the many permutations available, please contact our sales office for prices on 01538 751514. Or send an email to: Quite often, most of our standard trim trails can be installed in just one or two days, which means minimal disruption to the play area.

Special Package Deals – We will be delighted to offer extra discount if you purchase both the equipment and the play area surfacing from! Let us be your one stop shop!

Fun Play Equipment

Our Fun Trail items provide a positive step in assisting in the development of the user’s co-ordination, balance and agility.

From basic navigation items such as the Balance Beam, to the more challenging items to negotiate the fun trails provide countless hours of stimulating fun and activities for users of all age groups.

Fun trail items can be combined to make a unique, exciting adventure trail for both children and adults. In most instances, the objective of a trim-trail is for the user to progress from one item to the next either in a circuit or trail ideally without touching the ground!

The user will quickly identify this objective and take on the trim trail with a sense of adventure sparking imaginations as they play!

The products are ideal for Schools, Caravan Parks, Local Authority Recreational Grounds and Public Houses alike and are fantastic value for money.