Rubber Mini Mulch (Loose Fill)

Rubber mini mulch is a high quality recycled rubber surface derived from industrial truck tyres.
It is produced in such a way as to replicate the look of natural bark.
It is extremely clean to handle, very long lasting and is ideal for use as a loose fill play surface or alternatively as a decorative surface or mulch in beds,  borders or walkways.


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In line with our policy of delivering our customers the most attractive barks, are pleased to introduce our new ‘Rubber Mini Mulch’

This product can be used for both a long lasting play area bark or similarly for use as a high quality ornamental dressing bark.

This product is designed to provide a natural bark appearance whilst retaining all of the exceptional properties of a long lasting quality rubber product.

If utilised as a play area product, the product has been tested to provide the following Critical Fall heights:

50mm Depth: 0.6m Critical Fall Height
100mm Depth: 1.5m Critical Fall Height

If used as a dressing bark for beds and borders, you only need ‘HALF THE USUAL APPLICATION RATE -25mm!

Unlike many of the rubber products in the market place, this product undergoes a superior colouring process ensuring maximum colour longevity along with a very attractive vibrant finish.

Rubber Mini Mulch has the perfect blend of small and larger shreds of bark ensuring these particles knit together to create the perfect stable play area bark or ornamental dressing bark.

It is also ideal for reducing moisture loss within the soil whilst protecting plants from frost and deterring slugs and other pests.

Rubber Mini Mulch is great for paths and walkways around the garden or similarly within parks and public gardens.

Due to its free-draining properties, it will assist in keeping the path free from surface water and mud, whilst  ensuring  a delightful natural looking appearance.

Why should I use Rubber Mini Mulch?

  • Superior, Deluxe Quality
  • Meets BS EN1177:2008
  • Ultimate colour longevity
  • Long lasting (8 years +)
  • Best Value product!
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled solid tyres
  • Particle Size Distribution provides allows the product to knit together
  • Natural looking to maintain perfect aesthetics
  • Drains quicker than most barks
  • Harmless to pets but will help detract cats and dogs
  • Recycled, environmentally sound!
  • Protects plants from frost and pests
  • Delivered in 10kg bags for ease of handling

This delightful product will only have a slight rubber smell upon opening the bags which will soon disappear!

10kg bag: Covers 1 square metre at 25mm depth or 0.5 square metre at 50mm depth
250kgs (25 x 10kg bags): Covers 25 square metres at 25mm depth or 12.5 square metre at 50mm depth
500kgs (50 x 10kg bags): Covers 50 square metres at 25mm depth or 25 square metre at 50mm depth

Available in the following wonderful colours:

  • Blue
  • Earth Tone Brown
  • Green
  • Redwood
  • Grey

Loose fill materials may displace during use, we always suggest that when an impact absorbing surface is desired, the depth is increased according to the degree or maintenance and level of activity. (As with all loose impact absorbing products, raking is recommended to maintain the desired thickness).

We believe there is no formal requirement or standard for an impact absorbing surface to be used in a residential situation and you should carry out your own risk assessment as appropriate to your individual circumstances.

NB Commercial or public areas are covered by more detailed requirements BS EN1176 relating to loose fill impact absorbing products, requiring greater depths of all loose fill products in a public environment. In accordance with BS EN 1177 (2008) an additional 100mm of material should be included to allow for displacement in use.

M&B have a team of experienced installers who specialise in ‘Rubber Bonding’ – A popular choice where a ‘non-moving’ surface is required. For further information on this service please visit our Rubber Bonding Installation Services page.

Data Sheet for Rubber Mini Mulch

How we Deliver

This page sets out how we deliver products to you.

Please take the time to check that your delivery address can accommodate the requirements below as costs may be incurred for deliveries which cannot be performed due to non-compliance.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If the vehicle shown below may be too large to delivery to your property, please contact our sales office before ordering to discuss further delivery options on 01538 751514 or email

driver and pallet truck delivering playbark

delivery of play bark

The delivery vehicle arrives. This is a typical vehicle that delivers our goods. It measures approximately 28ft in length and is approximately 8’6″ wide.

Please note that the goods are unloaded from the rear of the vehicle.

Please note that goods are not delivered with a crane/hiab facility and can therefore not be lowered over a fence or similar. We can also not deliver to the rear of properties due to access restrictions.

The driver positions the pallet truck. The driver uses a ‘pump’ pallet truck to lift the pallet so that he can wheel the pallet onto the tail lift.

play bark delivery lowering on tail lift

The pallet load is lowered to the ground. The tail lift is lowered electrictronically by the driver. He carefully lowers the load to the ground so that it can be wheeled across the pavement.

Please note

The driver only has a legal obligation to offload the goods onto the roadside and in turn the liability and responsibility of the goods then passes to the customer.

However, at we contract with reputable and obliging transport Companies whose drivers will endeavour to place the pallet into your driveway as long as the surface is of sound makeup such as concrete, paving or tarmac.


Failure to accept this responsibility will result in the goods being returned to the transport depot and charges will apply.

Please note, these costs can be significant, so we ask all potential Customers to ensure that they familiarise themselves with the finer details of the delivery methods. If in doubt please contact our sales office on 01538 751514.

The safe passage of the Carrier’s delivery vehicle is the ultimate responsibility of the delivery driver. With this in mind if the driver assesses any delivery point road or carriageway and concludes it is unsafe or unviable to access the delivery property in question, this decision of the driver is final. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Customer and any potential purchaser to notify ourselves of any potential situation which may lead to the delivery being undelivered. Examples may include (but not exhaustive) cars parked preventing vehicle access, low growing tree branches, telephone/ electricity cables etc. Failure to accept this responsibility will result in the goods being returned to the transport depot and charges will apply.

play bark pallet on a drive way

play bark delivery on a pallet in a drive way

The driver guides the pallet of bark to the customer’s driveway. The driver will endeavour (please see below) to place the pallet into the customer’s driveway.

The pallet of bark is placed into the customer’s driveway. The delivery is successfully completed!

Please Note:

In line with Customer Service and as a courtesy to all our Customer we do offer a facility whereby Customers can choose a preferred delivery day.

We endeavour to adhere to this specified day to the best of our ability, but as you will appreciate the National Carriers we contract with do have a mammoth task tackling road works, congestion and tachograph regulations.

With this in mind, please be aware sometimes they are delayed and as a result cannot deliver on the specified day. This doesn’t happen very often but we politely make it known to Customers we can’t pay compensation, wages, time or any other consequential loss a result of this delay.

To avoid any unnecessary expense, we strongly advise Customers wait until the delivery has been completed before arranging labour to install/lay the products ordered.

However if a Customer has specified the ‘Next Day’ option and the delivery wasn’t performed on this basis, we will gladly refund the £20 Next Day charge.


Refusal of Goods , Wrongly Ordered Goods & Cancelled Orders

If have delivered the incorrect goods, we will gladly collect them or the Customer can refuse to accept delivery and there will be absolutely no expense to the Customer whatsoever.

However, if the goods have been incorrectly ordered by the Customer or the customer cancels the orders after the goods have been despatched, we will gladly arrange collection of the goods or additionally if the Customer refuses to accept the delivery of the goods (in the event of the goods been incorrectly ordered) the transport and re-collection costs will have to be paid by the Customer.

These costs will include the cost of the delivery from ourselves or our operating partners to the Customer’s property and similarly the cost of returning the goods from the Customer’s property back to the source.

We politely ask all Customers to double check the details before transmitting/placing the order as these costs cannot be waivered; Please be aware, we do not profit from these transport costs, they are the exact costs which incur from the transport Company.

Product Reviews

  • Mrs B.
    February 13, 2024

    Doing a good job - I purshased the rubber mini mulch for a home children play area. It looks great and the children love to play with it. Keep them safe too from bumps and bruises. I am going to add some 'big' rubber chipping now to give extra fun.
  • admin
    February 13, 2024

    As advertised, good quality, thanks
  • admin
    February 13, 2024

    Excellent product, will use again!
  • Joe Bloggs
    February 13, 2024

    Very pleased with product, would highly recommend!