The Daily Mile

...with Bouncy Bond

Let help you with your Daily Mile track for your school or nursery. Made from our Bouncy Bond rubber bonding surface, our tracks are not only fun but help provide daily exercise for kids!

The children in the video above are running the Daily Mile. It’s an initiative to get them out of the classroom for 15 minutes a day to run or jog. Find out more about the Daily Mile. If you’re a school or nursery you can sign up here!

The track is made from Bouncy Bond, our bonded rubber surface. It’s more comfortable and fun to run on and it absorbs impact too. The track is bouncy and springy, the kids love it! They don’t need much encouragement to run the Daily Mile on a Bouncy Bond track!

Schools up and down the country take part in the #dailymile. It gets the children fitter, healthier and also improves their concentration back in the classroom. View the video below to watch the installation process in action!

Similarly, if you are a School we will accept official School purchase orders and invoice you with a 30 day credit account.

Get in touch to talk to us about a Bouncy Bond Daily Mile track and we’ll help you get your children on the move!