Play Grade Bark, Play Wood Chip, Rubber Bark, Rubber Play Tiles, Rubber Bonding? Which do I order? What’s the difference?

Firstly let’s not complicate things! The following questions and answers will assist in your selection.

Are all of the products within the Play Surfacing section safe for use?

Most definitely, they have all been tested in accordance with BSEN1177:2008

What’s the difference between Play Bark, Play Wood Chip and Rubber Bark and what’s the best?

Quite literally the Play bark products are derived from the outer bark section of the Conifer tree (the bark) and the Play Wood Chip products from the inner wood section. They all perform very well but some products may be better suited to certain applications than others. For example, for play areas which will be used by very small children, we recommend certain products, all of this information will be pinpointed within the product pages.

Which is the safest product?

They are all safe and will perform well but certain products suit certain applications better.

How long will the product last?

It really depends on the level of activity and use, the more it is used the more wear and tear it will receive. Regular raking and levelling will assist in increasing the life of the surface. We provide indicative longevity guides for all of the various products. Inevitably the Rubber products will last longer due to its synthetic make-up.

What depth do I need to lay the bark?

Determine the possible maximum fall height (Critical Fall Height) from the highest point, then refer to the CFH information we provide which will provide a relevant depth.

NB Commercial or public areas are covered by more detailed requirements BS EN1176 relating to loose fill impact-absorbing products, requiring greater depths of all loose fill products in a public environment. In accordance with BS EN 1177 (2008) an additional 100mm of material should be included to allow for displacement in use.

My Play Area surface becomes very ‘mushy’ and wet in winter or after rainfall, what are my options?

Although the Play Bark products and Play Wood Chip products are great, extremely effective and safe, inevitably due to their natural organic properties they hold water and may become a little soggy during wetter weather. If this is an issue, consider using one of the Rubber products as this will alleviate the problem. If the problem is an issue with ineffective drainage, you may wish to consider addressing this problem by seeking advice from a qualified ground worker. (If unsure please get in touch with our sales office and we will endeavour to assist).

Will cats use the surfacing as a toilet?

Unfortunately this can happen and we know how disgusting it is! In our experience, a good quality electronic ‘cat scarer’ does work and is worth trying, alternatively from the outset you may wish to consider our Rubber PlayPavers or similarly our Rubber Bonding Services.

I don’t want ‘loose fill’ products, what are my options?

We can offer 3 credible alternatives to ‘loose fill’ products, namely Rubber Play Pavers which are a very effective play tile which can be laid on any firm or made up surface. These are ideal because they can be moved! Alternatively, why not consider ‘Rubber Bonding’ which is a permanent bonded rubber play surfacing which provides a very safe and effective solution. Similarly, why not consider Artificial Grass, we have a wide range of options to suit all applications. For all three of these options we can offer supply only or supply and fit options if required.