DIY Bouncy Bond

DIY Bouncy Bond

Buy all the materials you need to complete your own rubber bonding installation.

For the keen DIY enthusiast we are delighted to be able to offer the components needed to independently apply our Bouncy Bond rubber bonding materials!

Simply input the required depth and the surface area into our calculator and it will automatically advise the quantity of Rubber Bonding Mulch and PU Binder Resin required to perform the job in hand.

We offer the products in bundles, which can be ordered to provide the quantity required.

We always suggest ordering slightly more than the calculator indicates, this will allow for inevitable inaccuracies in depths when installing.

All of the colours available are the same price.

Don’t forget to view our Usage Guide for information relating to the installation process. If you have any further question regarding installation please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Office on 01538 751514.

Remember, our Bouncy Bond component rubber is derived from recycled industrial truck tyres, therefore preventing waste rubber from reaching landfill.

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