Playbark Blog

Our fun video shows you how easy it is to create a safe play area in your garden using products you can buy here online including: Rubber Border Edging with membrane and either Playbark or Rubber Chippings. Press play below and be inspired to recreate the look in your... Read More
Rubber Play Chips
Watch our video and learn all about our Rubber Chippings!
Bouncy Bond Rubber Bonding
ITV's Emma Jesson gives an introduction to our wonderful Bouncy Bond product. Our Bonded Rubber surfaces provide a long-lasting and very safe solution to play areas where customers require something a little more permanent than traditional loose play bark. Our Bonded Rubber... Read More
Daily Mile
The Daily Mile is simple and free and fun! It gets children out of the classroom for fifteen minutes each day to run or jog, at their own pace, with their classmates, making them fitter, healthier in an enjoyable way, and more able to concentrate in the classroom. Here at... Read More
Video about our equestrian products
Watch our informative video and learn all about our Equestrian Products.
Bouncy Bond Rubber Bonding
We are often asked about the differences between our Bouncy Bond and Wet Pour products so here's a brief explanation to help you decide. Both types of surfaces are similar in performance, providing a long lasting and cost-effective solution to most play areas. The Bouncy... Read More
Artificial Grass
M&B introduce Artificial Grass, a natural grass alternative designed with real life situations in mind. Keeping a healthy looking lawn is a full time job.’s artificial lawn solutions take away the hassle and time factor as our 'fake' grass is 100%... Read More