Sub Base Requirements

Sub Base Diagram

Although our wetpour surfaces are extremely resilient, it is essential consideration is given to the preparation of the groundwork beforehand. Primarily, the area needs to be free draining otherwise this will compromise the final rubber surface resulting in the collection of surface water and the degradation of the wetpour system. Additionally, the soil structure needs to be stable otherwise subsidence is likely to occur, again damaging the final surface.

If drainage is an issue, consideration needs to be given to the inclusion of a drainage system, our installation team can advise on all aspects of this if necessary. If drainage is deemed as good, it is essential a sub-base is laid, ideally constructed with MOT Type 1 limestone; this will allow for continued drainage along with essential ground stability.

This sub-base needs to be compacted to a depth of 100mm and is ideally laid upon a geotextile membrane which is also porous. In certain instances, the geotextile membrane can be also laid on top of the MOT Type 1 sub base.

The provision of this competent preparation allows for the 2 tiers of rubber to be laid; in most situations this consists of 25mm SBR base rubber and a final top surface of 15mm EPDM rubber, however this will depend on the Critical Fall Height (CFH) of the play equipment.

Please see PDF download below if you wish to print the diagram.