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Wet Pour Flooring System for use within dementia hospitals

Our wet pour system is an impact absorbing safety surface which we regularly install in schools, nurseries and local authority playgrounds.

The system is available in a variety of colours and the risk of injury, should a fall occur is greatly reduced due to the cushioning and impact absorbing properties of the wet pour surface.

Our team spent considerable time researching the benefits and detriments of various flooring solutions for use with dementia hospitals and also within situations where the patients are visually impaired.

We concluded It lends itself perfectly for this type of application due to various factors but primarily 2 main benefits are clear:

  • The smooth surface doesn’t provide excessive friction underfoot which could result in the patient falling
  • The range of bright colours available with our wet pour surface are essential for use with dementia patients

Most Clients choose a colour combination of light/ bright green with possibly a yellow pathway (a yellow brick road style).

Colour & contrast can be used to help people with sight loss & dementia to identify key features. Good use of colour & contrast can facilitate independent living for example, by supporting patients to have independence to find their way from ‘A to B’.

Green is also associated with growth and life, studies have shown that green can reduce central nervous system activity and can have a calming effect, and green is considered to be a restful colour.

For example, black would not be a good colour choice as black on the floor to a Dementia patient can appear to be a hole, this can cause them not to walk on the floor and this could make them become upset or worried as to why they are heading towards a hole. There are pros and cons with different colours, but our Clients consider this colour contrast would best suit their patients.

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John Munroe Group decided that we wanted to expand our outside space for our Dementia patients and create a suitable and safe area. After doing some research, looking at examples of what other Dementia-friendly settings have done and we looked at what available options were on the market with regards to flooring. After talking to people who specialise in outside flooring we decided on wet pour flooring. 

We thought light bright green would be in-keeping with the outside area as we have trees and fields surrounding us and we did not want to make it like a playground area. We decided to opt for a yellow pathway to create a contrast in colour so if our patients choose to, they would be able to identify and follow the pathway easier.

Matt and his team at M&B Surfaces are very professional and carried out their work to a high standard, with a high level of safety whilst carrying out the work. M&B Surfaces offer competitive rates and are excellent in the field of communication from start to finish, from the arrange-a-quote stage of the work right the way through to the aftercare.

There are some pictures, below, of the wet pour surfacing (the fencing work was carried out by our maintenance team).

Peter Thys – Occupational Therapy Assistant at John Munroe Hospital

dementia hospital wet pour