Rubber Chicken Chips
Rubber Chicken Chips

Rubber Chicken Chips

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Rubber Chicken Chips


7.5 tonne vehicles deliveries are unavailable due to the weight of this product.

A very popular hygienic solution for flooring within chicken coops and runs. Unlike woodchip and similar products which are absorbent, our Rubber Chicken Chips expel water resulting in a cleaner environment for the chickens.

Chicken Chips provide a cost-effective solution to muddy areas, the chickens love to scratch around amongst the rubber chippings without ingesting any of the rubber.

They are manufactured from recycled car tyres and as a result they won’t break down or rot.

Ideally apply at a depth of 50mm (2”) therefore the 1 tonne bulk bag will cover 50 square metres when laid.

Chicken Chips are manufactured from uncoloured rubber, if you would like to provide your chicken coop or run with a dash of colour, why not consider our coloured Rubber Chippings 

Chicken Chips can be used in conjunction with our Heavy Duty Membrane  

7.5 tonne vehicles deliveries are unavailable due to the weight of this product.

Please consider the following when ordering:

  • Are there any access issues. Can an artic or an 8 wheel tipper get safely in and out of required delivery area?
  • Do you require the product loose or bagged?
  • Are there any height restrictions that will stop a tipper from tipping?
  • Do you have a fork lift truck or something similar to unload bags?

For multiple bulk bags or similarly for loose tipped loads please contact us.  

NB: UK demand on pallet hauliers means there's a delay on most orders which means regretfully we may not be able to deliver on your chosen date. We ask for your patience & courtesy. Verbal abuse to our staff will not be tolerated!

How we Deliver

If the vehicle shown below may be too large to delivery to your property, please contact our sales office before ordering to discuss further delivery options on 01538 751514 or email

This page sets out how we deliver products to you. Please take the time to check that your delivery address can accommodate the requirements below. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Driver and pallet truck

Delivery vehicle arriving

The delivery vehicle arrives. This is a typical vehicle that delivers our goods. It measures approximately 28ft in length and is approximately 8'6" wide. If required we can deliver on a 7.5 tonne truck which is slightly smaller, however this is by prior arrangement and the delivery date will have to be mutually agreed between the Customer, and the haulage contractor. Extra costs may apply.

Please note that the goods are unloaded from the rear of the vehicle. 

Please note that goods are not delivered with a crane facility and can therefore not be lowered over a fence or similar. We can also not deliver to the rear of properties due to access restrictions.


The driver positions the pallet truck. The driver uses a 'pump' pallet truck to lift the pallet so that he can wheel the pallet onto the tail lift.

Lowering on the tail lift

Driver guides pallet

The pallet load is lowered to the ground. The tail lift is lowered electrictronically by the driver. He carefully lowers the load to the ground so that it can be wheeled across the pavement.

Please note
The driver only has a legal obligation to offload the goods onto the roadside and in turn the liability and responsibility of the goods then passes to the customer.

We do NOT offer a Hiab facility. Deliveries will only take place on the vehicle as pictured.
However, at we contract with reputable and obliging transport Companies whoose drivers will endeavour to place the pallet into your driveway as long as the surface is of sound makeup such as concrete, paving or tarmac.
Please be aware that the pallet truck cannot pass over gravel or any type of rough terrain and similarly the driver cannot be expected to pull the goods up or down a sloping driveway or over curbs.
Failure to accept this responsibility will result in the goods being returned to the transport depot and a delivery charge will apply The safe passage of the Carrier's delivery vehicle is the ultimate responsibility of the delivery driver. With this in mind if the driver assesses any delivery point road or carriageway and concludes it is unsafe or unviable to access the delivery property in question, this decision of the driver is final. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Customer and any potential purchaser to notify ourselves of any potential situation which may lead to the delivery being undelivered. Examples may include (but not exhaustive) cars parked preventing vehicle access, low growing tree branches, telephone/ electricity cables etc. Failure to accept this responsibility will result in the goods being returned to the transport depot and a delivery charge will apply.

Pallet is on the drive

Delivery is complete

The driver guides the pallet of bark to the customer's driveway. The driver will endeavour (please see below) to place the pallet into the customer's driveway.

The pallet of bark is placed into the customer's driveway. The delivery is successfully completed!