Chickens and Hens

Chickens and Hens has 2 products which are perfect for using with your Chickens & Hens.

Both products provide the perfect surface which allows the Chickens & Hens to scratch around safely all day ensuring they don’t have to walk in soil and mud.

The products are porous so as long as the underlying soil is ‘free draining’ both will drain really well too!

They only need replacing 2 or 3 times per year obviously depending on the surface area and quantity of Chickens you have.

We suggest laying a membrane underneath either product to discourage weed growth and to increase the lifespan of the products.

Firstly we have our Softwood Chicken Chips, this is a graded wood chip derived from British Softwood Timber manufactured to a particle size of 5-35mm.

We also have our Rubber Chicken Chips, this product is manufactured from recycled car tyres and provides a very long lasting option as you can simply hose down the chips to clean the pen, this option also discourages creepy crawlies!

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