Artificial Grass Installations

Artificial Grass Installations offer a complete installation service for our range of Artificial Grass for most parts of the UK

We will be delighted to provide you with budget costs for the installation if you will be kind enough to do the following:

  • Take 4/5 photographs of the area where the artificial grass is being considered.
  • Take 2/3 photographs of the access to the area, paths driveway etc.
  • Provide the width and the length.
  • E-mail the details to and we will endeavour to reply within 24 hours with an estimate for your consideration.

What is usually involved with laying a new Artificial Grass lawn?

Quite a lot, but our team perform these installations regularly so they know what they are doing. Once initial observations have been considered e.g. drainage, grass selection and access etc. here is a brief rundown of what may be involved:

  • Removal of existing lawn, gravel or paving using a turf cutter, concrete breaker or maybe a mini digger.
  • Dispose of the above in a skip or ‘muckaway’ service.
  • Level area and install tanalised timbers to the surrounds.
  • Import into the area the MOT Type 1 to be used as a sub-base.        
  • Mechanically compact with a ‘wacker plate’
  • Apply a blinding layer of limestone dust and compact.
  • Apply a heavy duty Geotextile Membrane to prevent weed growth.
  • Roll out the Artificial Grass onto the area and carefully cut ensuring it is attached to the timbers securely and correctly and the grass is applied at the correct tension.
  • Any joins must be knitted together carefully and competently.
  • Apply Silica Sand to the entire surface at 2-3kgs per square metre

See a real-life installation in a series of before and after images here.

For any additional questions please contact our Sales office on 01538 751514 or e mail

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