Before and After Photos of Rubber Bark Chippings Installation

We recently completed an installation of Rubber Bark Chippings at Warren Childcare c/o Plumberow Primary School in Hockley, Essex. We're sure you'll agree that the new playground looks fantastic!


The play area at Warren Childcare, Plumberow Primary School, Hockley Essex, before the work commenced.

Play area before


The area had previously been covered with Artificial Grass which had become worn and exhausted.

Before our installation


The play area after completion.

The play area after - what a difference!


We suggested to the Customer that we ‘resin bond’ the rubber chippings at the entrances to the play area, to help prevent the chippings from escaping.

Resin-bonded entrance


After completion, showing the tanalised perimeter timbers utilised to retain the chippings.

Timber edging retains the rubber chippings


Completion, showing 2nd access point.

Completed play area

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